My wonderful wife Cynthia and our three boys (left to right): David (11), George (13), and Charlie (8).

Dear Neighbor:

My name is Mark Mickelson and I’m running to serve you in the State House of Representatives for District 13.

In the Legislature, I will be a strong voice for South Dakota and Sioux Falls.  My philosophy of state government is a body that promotes jobs and economic development primarily by having business friendly laws and regulations.  

I’m passionate about working to maintain and improve the business and job opportunities available to our children.  If our children choose to live and work here, they should not be required to forgo professional development or income opportunities that would be available to them in locations outside the region.

Leading up to the November 6th General Election, I’ll be knocking on doors, making phone calls, hosting information sessions, and chatting over coffee with voters like yourself.  

I plan to work hard to earn your vote and I hope I can count on your support November 6th.


G. Mark Mickelson


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